14 Sep

A huge green grasshopper about 3 to 4 inches was spotted outside my house yesterday when I just reached home from church.

My younger brother and I ran in after spotting it and grab our cameras. I manage to capture many shorts, but,

I forgotten to open my aperture smaller to make sure that the whole grasshopper is sharp. How sad..

I used the ‘bad boy’ (Canon 50D with a 18-200mm lens) for this shot. Camera is good but the photographer is a noob.

The grasshopper seems to enjoy being photograph. It stayed there long enough for us to photograph it.


Grasshopper (Pls Click for a larger view)

Hope you like it..

Today in school, I saw a notice board by my school’s canteen filled with my photos of Co-curriculum and National Day Celebration that was held last month in SMKTC.

I will upload the photos that was taken during that event soon, and also a photo of the notice board, filled with my photos.

Thank you SMKTC for the free ad. Haha.. helping me to build my name as a noobish photographer.. But sadly, they didn’t even ask me for permission to publish it or even giving me any recognition.

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