Mount Benum, Part 2.

05 Sep

The sun set and the rain had stopped, but the wind started to blow lightly. The temperature begin to drop and it became colder.

That night we slept at 10.00 in the night. Before I went to sleep, Dr. Wong and I went to have a look at the panorama view from the summit of Mount Benum. The view was really amazing. We could see small towns in Pahang below us. Other than that, the brightly lite Genting Highlands was clearly visible from the summit. My elder brother and younger brother were busy lighting up a fire. Throughout the night, the wind blew very hard.

The next day, we woke up at 6.30 and packed our tents and stuff. After taking photos and packing, we left the summit at 9.10. The descent was very steep and slippery. I slipped many times during the beginning of the descent down to the foot of Mount Benum. The descending was a little tough as there were many hills that we have to go up and down (Look at the topo map and profile on the previous posts).

At 11.15 in the morning, we passed through an orang asli settlement (1707 meters above see level).  We did not see any orang asli at that time. After passing the orang asli settlement, we had to cross many, and many hills before reaching Dingin Camp. Some of the trekkers had finished their water even when they are still far away for the water point at Dingin Camp. I was a little exhausted during the trek from the Orang Asli settlement to Dingin camp.

At 3.00 in the evening, I reached Dingin camp at 1680 meters above see level. We took a short 5 minutes descent to the water point. The water source was a stagnant pool of yellow coloured water.  We got some water and continued the descent down. I did not drink the water from that water point, don’t dare to do so. The descent from that point onwards was very steep. When the descent trail was parallel to the ascend trail two days ago, the ground was flat and we could walk very fast. At about 200 meters from the base of the mountain, we had to descend through a steep trail, nearly vertical or at some point, vertical drop. I used trees and roots to stop myself from slipping down.That wasn’t supposed to be the trail. We actually intended to go out through the bridge near the base, but we missed it by a few 10s of meters.

We crossed the river and reached the base at 7.45 in the evening. The 4*4s were already there waiting for us. We got up the 4*4 and it began to rain heavily for 5 minutes. Thank God it rained when everyone was out already. The 4*4 ride was even bumpier than the ride 2 days ago. The driver drove very fast this time, as if he was racing in the World Rallying Competition (WRC).

Overall, this climb is the toughest climb I have ever had. It is more difficult than Mount Yong Belar or even Mount Tapis (2 days). Trekkers will need to carry 2 days of water up to the summit and down. There are many hills that you have to climb up and down during the 3 days and 2 nights climb.

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