Mount Nuang -Photos

20 Jul

_MG_2202 copy

The Arc at the beginning of the ‘boring road’

_MG_2209 copy

The wide road that never ends..

_MG_2214 copy

My brother leading the way ahead

_MG_2226 copy

My brother leading the way ahead

_MG_2487 copy

Pacat Camp.

_MG_2239 copy

The climb after Pacat Camp.

_MG_2241 copy

Some green plants.

_MG_2322 copy

Steep climb before False Peak (Bukit Pengasih)

_MG_2327 copy

Another guy making his way up from Pacat Camp.

_MG_2369 copy

The Hut at the Peak of Mount Nuang.

_MG_2388 copy

A group photo at the peak.

_MG_2433 copy

A Macro shot..

_MG_2453 copy

False Peak (Bukit Pengasih), Mount Nuang. Only Spiderman can climb up fast…

_MG_2464 copy

Steep path to False Peak, Mount Nuang.

_MG_2522 copy

My younger Bro trying to lite a fire while waiting for the rest to descend from the peak to Pacat camp.

_MG_2574 copy

Quick!! Call the air ambulance..!!! Lol. He was so tired after going down from Pacat Camp to get water from a river (15 mins away)

_MG_2594 copy

Agape group making our way down from Pacat camp to Lolo Camp.

_MG_2651 copy

River at Lolo Camp.

Mount Nuang write-up:

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