Apek Hill

17 Jul

Yesterday, my dad and I went to Apek hill for the 3rd time. I find that this hill is a good place to train. It is much better than Ketumbar Hill.

After failing to reach the waterfall during the last trip. due to bad weather, we made it to the waterfall this time.

The trail we took to CP3 was reasonably easy. After reaching CP3, we continued to walk for about 30 minutes before reaching CP5. Again, it was like a walk in the park.

At CP5, the trail split into two, if u turn left, you can go to CP6. If you turn right, it will lead you to the waterfall.

The trail to the waterfall takes us 30mins. The last 300 metres from the waterfall is very steep. downwards. It will be really fun going up..haha.

The waterfall isn’t that wonderfull… As for me, it wasn’t worth going there for the waterfall.

Here are some of the photos I took.

_MG_1961 copy

Flowers at the foot of the hills.

_MG_1850 copy

A moth on a fallen tree trunk.

_MG_1852 copy

My dad making his way up to CP5 (Apek Hill), Slowly…

_MG_1876 copy

I spotted this dragonfly on my way to the waterfall, Apek Hill.

_MG_1882 copy

The waterfall at Apek Hill. 30 mins from CP5.

_MG_1891 copy

The small waterfall at Apek Hill.

_MG_1904 copy

When returning from the waterfall to CP5, the gradient of the trail is very steep.

_MG_1927 copy

A trail at Apek Hill

_MG_1960 copy

A bee on a flower…

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