Mount Angsi

13 Jul

I went for a climb to Mount Angsi on last Saturday with a group of hikers from Agape, Seremban.

The climb was very enjoyable, especially the cool and misty weather.The whole place was misty and windy in the morning.

For me, it is like a walk in the park..not trying to show off…

It took us 1.5  hours to reach Mount Angsi peak..slow and enjoyable walk. We took the same time to descend to the base, 1.5 hours.

I took this chance to capture many photos..Here are some them.

You can view more at my facebook account.

_MG_1260 copy
The base of the mountain.

_MG_1438 copy

Misty and windy weather

_MG_1261 copy

Kg ascending the mountain.

_MG_1356 copy

Peter got bullied by his youngest son..haha..

IMG_1663 copy

A group photo..except, without me.

_MG_1487 copy

A broken hut. Looks like the tail and fins of a very big bomb

_MG_1635 copy

Macro shot of a flower

_MG_1599 copy

Macro shot of a flower

_MG_1527 copy

Macro shot of spider.

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