School’s Cross Country.

01 Jul

My school had a cross country (or I would say cros garden) event on last Friday.

The crowd of students was supriosingly huge.. Last few years, only half the school attend this event.

But this year, the run is only 4 km. Wat a short run…

When I was photographing the event, the girls ran back to school right after the boys started. I think the school is trying to encourage students to come and run by making the run shorter.

This event is my first time taking fast actions with a DSLR. So, I forgotten to switch my focus mode to the correct mode. A lot of my pictures are not focused.

Here are some of my photos I took that day. Enjoy..

Cross Country 2009 1

The teacher’s leading the students during a warm-up sessions.

Cross Country 2009 2

A school atlethic enjoying the run.

Cross Country 2009 3

The start of the run.

Cross Country 2009 4

After the run, students flock around the stalls next to the canteen.

Cross Country 2009 5

One of the stalls during the Cross Country.

Cross Country 2009 6

They contrast each other.

Cross Country 2009 7

The medals..

Cross Country 2009 9

(lazy to edit the over exposed part)

Cross Country 2009 10


Cross Country 2009 11

and after.. SInce when are they so scared of the sun?

Cross Country 2009 12

Pn Faridah just can’t relax and sit down. Wonder why…


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2 responses to “School’s Cross Country.

  1. wen sen photography

    July 3, 2009 at 11:09 am

    wah..i see lotssa dslrs in one of the picture. THe school bought so many dslr already? I envy lar

    • danielbmw

      July 3, 2009 at 2:18 pm

      lol. U got to be kidding. Our school only have the old Nikon D70S (If i am not mistaken). I use my own camera, n the rest are personal cameras.


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