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Dried Flowers- Photos

I took an opportunity to takeĀ  some photos of a bouquet of dried flowers before it was thrown away.

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Rainbow Waterfall Photos

I just returned from a trip to Mount tapis and the famous Rainbow waterfall. Here are some of the photos I took of the waterfall.

Enjoy the photos..

Rainbow waterfall Panorama 1

Panorama of the waterfall with the rainbow. The cliff is really high.

Rainbow waterfall Panorama 2

Panorama of the waterfall.


Siva enjoying the waterfall. Right above him, is the rainbow.

Unedited photos


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Made 2 Love Concert


What a concert it was! More than 900 youths filled my church hall for Made 2 Love youth concert last Friday. I was one of the crew for that concert. I mix the sound for the concert with another girl. I felt that the mix was very good, when compared to the many practice we mixed. The crowd was so energized and they danced and praised the Lord.

It was mysecond time mixing for a concert and my many times mixing in the church (the only place I mix). The last concert I mix was Shout concert. The band came from a church in Australia.

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Flowers – Macro Photography

These flowers were taken at the base of Mount Ledang in May, 2009. After hiking, I spend some time at the base to take some macro photos of flowers while waiting for the rest of the hikers to arrive.

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Flower, Ledang 2009 1

Flower, Ledang 2009 2

Flower, Ledang 2009 3

Flower, Ledang 2009 4

Flower, Ledang 2009 6

Flower, Ledang 2009 7

Flower, Ledang 2009 8

Unedited photos

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Mount Nuang

Nuang 2009 1

A beautiful flower by the ‘boring road’ trail, Mount Nuang.

Nuang 2009 2

A pipeline that runs parallel to the path before Lolo Camp.

Nuang 2009 3

Nuang’s river beside the ‘boring road’

Nuang 2009 4

A small brown frog at Nuang’s famous ‘boring road’.

Nuang 2009 6

I spotted these grasshoppers on my way down.

Nuang 2009 5

An Orang Asli Hut by the ‘boring road’

Nuang 2009 7My mom spotted this millipede at the ‘boring road’.


My Mom making her way up to Pacat Camp after Lolo Camp.


Squirrels like this one could be spotted at the summit of Mount Nuang.

Pls note that my pics are unedited.

G Nuang Profile

Mount Nuang trail via Hulu Langat Profile

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