Mt. Yong Belar

10 May


On my way to Camp 1 in Yong Belar, I spotted this bee on the flowers.


Everyone was busy preparing for the hike to Yong Belar


We had to use 4*4 trucks to fetch us to the base of Yong Belar. The ride was wild.


One of my favourite photo for this trip. The sun light made the picture more interesting.


A wooden bridge.


A beautiful flower on the way up.

Pls note that my pics are unedited.

On the 30th of April, 2009, a group of hikers consisting of KG, Venu, Doctor Wong,  Calvin (My brother)$, my dad, Jason, Edvin and myself joined Moth hiking group for a hike to Mount Yong Belar.

The day before, we traveled together to Ipoh in the evening. Dr Wong brought us for dinner at a food court in Ipoh. As usual, the food in Ipoh was great. After dinner, we traveled to Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands. At about 10 in the night, we reached a temple in Kampung Raja. We were supposed to sleep in the hall of the temple, but we did not find it comfortable and suitable to repack our backpacks that night.

We decided to stay in an apartment (Lott apartment) nearby. Upon reaching the apartment, we pack our bags. After some time, we decided to sleep for that night to have a good rest for the next few days climb.

The next day, we woke up at 6.00a.m and had our breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. After breakfast, we met the Moth group and had a short briefing. Next, we were fetched to the base of Mount Yong Belar. The ride was awesome… Our backsides nearly tore apart after the 30 minutes ride.

At 10.30, the hike started. We had to climb over 200 stairs at the start of the hike, which is a killer especially with our heavy 10kg+ backpacks. After the stairs, the trail was covered with black water pipes. The gradient of the trail is flat. The pipes are very slippery. At a pint of time, some of the trekkers got stung by wasp. After walking on pipes for about 1/2 hour, we reached a river.

After crossing the river, the gradient became steeper throughout the journey. We had to climb up and down about 4 to 5 hills/small peak before reaching Tudung Periuk Campsite. Over there, we rested while waiting for KG, Jason and Edvin to arrive. After some time waiting, the other hikers decided to continue to trek to our campsite for that day. So, we followed them and not wait for KG, Jason and Edvin.

After an hour of hiking up and down some hills, we reached the junction that would lead us to our campsite or Yong Belar summit.

That night, we camp at a campsite near the river.

The next day, 31th April 2009, we woke up and had our breakfast. At about 8.30, we started hiking to Mount Yong Belar summit. The gradient of the hike was not very steep. The weather was cloudy while the temperature at below 30 degree Celsius. We summit Mount Yong Belar at about 1.30 in the afternoon. After some rest, lunch and photos, we started descent down to our campsite. It rained slightly during our descent.

The next day, we woke up and pack our stuff. At about 9 in the morning, we left the campsite and continued to descent to Blue Valley or the base of Mount Yong Belar. The descent was easy. The weather that day was very windy. The temperature was probably 25 degree Celsius. We took the 4*4 back to Kampung Raja after reaching the base at about 2 in the afternoon.

I would say that Mount Yong Belar’s 3 days and 2 nights hike and camp was generally easy.

G Yong Belar Profile

Mount Yong Belar Trail Profile

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